John Barron

John Barron may refer to:

* John Barron (actor) (1920–2004), English actor, best known for ''The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin'' * John Barron (footballer) (1879–1908), Scottish footballer * John Barron (journalist) (1930–2005), American journalist who wrote about the Cold War and Soviet Union * John Barron (hurler) (1934–2008), Irish sportsman * John Augustus Barron (1850–1936), Canadian politician and lawyer * John Barron (academic) (1934–2008), British classical scholar * John Hall Barron (1873–1951), British philatelist * John Barron, co-host of ''Planet America'', an Australian television news program on ABC News 24 * John Barron, publisher and former editor of the ''Chicago Sun-Times'' * John Barron, plaintiff in the Supreme Court case ''Barron v. Baltimore'' * John Barron (pseudonym), a pseudonym used by Donald Trump in the 1980s Provided by Wikipedia
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