Mark Davies

Mark or Marc Davies may refer to:

*Mark Davies (athlete) (1960–2011), Australian Paralympic athlete *Mark Davies (footballer) (born 1988), English footballer with Bolton Wanderers *Mark Davies (rugby player) (born 1958), Wales international rugby union player *Mark Davies (cricketer, born 1980), former English cricketer *Mark Davies (cricketer, born 1959), former Welsh cricketer *Mark Davies (cricketer, born 1969), former Welsh cricketer *Mark Davies (cricketer, born 1962), former English cricketer *Mark Davies (bishop of Middleton) (born 1962), British Anglican bishop *Mark Davies (bishop of Shrewsbury) (born 1959), British Roman Catholic bishop *Mark Davies (linguist) (born 1963), professor of linguistics at Brigham Young University *Marc Davies, character in ''The Man from Saigon'' Provided by Wikipedia
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