John Farrell

John Farrell may refer to: ;in sports *John Farrell (manager) (born 1962), American Major League Baseball manager *John Farrell (second baseman) (1876–1921), American Major League Baseball infielder *John Farrell (speed skater) (1906–1994), American Olympic skater and coach *John Farrell (hurler) (born 1961), Irish hurler *John Farrell (sport shooter) (born 1954), New Zealand sports shooter *Johnny Farrell (1901–1988), American golfer

;Other people *John Farrell (bishop) (1820–1873), Canadian Roman Catholic bishop *John Farrell (businessman), General Director at Google Mexico *John Farrell (Australian poet) (1851–1904), Australian journalist and poet *John Farrell (poet) (1968–2010), American poet and composer *John Farrell (VC) (1826–1865), Irish Victoria Cross winner *John A. Farrell, American reporter, and biographer *John H. Farrell (1919–1995), New York politician *John S. Farrell (1880–1938), mayor of Green Bay, Wisconsin *John J. Farrell (1872–1946), Dairy and Food Commissioner of Minnesota Provided by Wikipedia
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Published in 1994
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Published in 1995
doi: 10.1130/0091-7613(1995)023<0403:ICRCOL>2.3.CO;2
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