Peter Hill

Peter or Pete Hill may refer to:

* Pete Hill (John Preston Hill, 1882–1951), American baseball player * Ployer Peter Hill (1894–1935), known as Peter, American test pilot * Peter Murray-Hill (1908–1957), British actor * Peter Hill (footballer) (1931–2015), English footballer * Peter Clegg-Hill, 9th Viscount Hill (born 1945), British peer * Peter Hill (journalist) (born 1945), British editor of the UK newspaper ''Daily Express'' * Peter Buckley Hill (born 1948), British musical comedian * Peter Hill (pianist) (born 1948), British pianist, musicologist and authority on the music of Olivier Messiaen * Peter Hill (bishop) (born 1950), British bishop of Barking * Peter Hill (Paralympian) (born 1957), Australian Paralympic swimmer and athlete * Peter Hill (entrepreneur) (born 1964), Australian skateboarder, streetwear entrepreneur and media producer * Peter Hill (writer) (active 2003), British author of ''Stargazing: Memoirs of a Young Lighthouse Keeper'' * Peter Hill (civil servant), British civil servant Provided by Wikipedia
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Published in 1990
doi: 10.1306/44B4C2F6-170A-11D7-8645000102C1865D
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