Thomas Horton

Thomas Horton may refer to:

*Thomas Horton (soldier) (1603–1649), English soldier *Thomas Horton (Gresham College) (died 1673), English theology professor and college head *Thomas Horton, Governor of the Isle of Man 1725–1736 *Thomas R. Horton (1823–1894), American congressman *Thomas W. Horton (born 1961), American airline executive *Thomas W. Horton (pilot) (born 1919), New Zealand bomber pilot *Thomas Horton (canoeist) (1926–2014), American Olympic canoer *Thomas Horton (cricketer) (1871–1932), English cricketer *Tommy Horton (1941–2017), English golfer *Thomas Horton (politician) (died 1919), member of the Legislative Council of Fiji and Mayor of Blenheim Provided by Wikipedia
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