Chris King

Chris or Christopher King may refer to: *Christopher King (umpire) (born 1944), New Zealand cricket umpire *Chris King (philatelist) (born 1948), British philatelist *Chris King (actor) (born 1956), Australian actor *Chris Thomas King (born 1962), American blues musician and actor *Chris King (basketball) (born 1969), American NBA basketball player *Chris King (soccer) (born 1969), American soccer player *Chris King (rugby league) (born 1973), Australian rugby league player *Christopher J. King (born 1976), Pennsylvania state representative *Chris King (footballer) (born 1980), English footballer *Chris King (rugby union) (born 1981), New Zealand rugby union player *Chris King (sportscaster) (born 1987), American sportscaster *Chris King (musician), guitarist for American band This Will Destroy You *Chris King (game designer), designer and producer of video games *Christopher "Chris" King, a fictional character in the DC Comics universe Provided by Wikipedia
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