Ken MacLeod (disambiguation)

Ken MacLeod is a Scottish science fiction writer.

Ken MacLeod or Ken McLeod may also refer to: * Ken McLeod (born 1948), Buddhist teacher * Ken McLeod (cricketer) (born 1964), Jamaican cricketer * Kenneth MacLeod (cricketer) (1888–1967), Scottish cricketer * Ken MacLeod (Australian footballer) (1890–1940), Australian rules footballer * K. G. MacLeod (1888–1967), known as Ken, Scottish international rugby union player * Kenneth McLeod (1858–1940), politician in Alberta, Canada * Kenneth G. McLeod (born 1962), Christian apologist and radio talk show host * Kenneth P. MacLeod (1923–2001), American politician from Maine, USA * Kenneth R. MacLeod (born 1955), former politician in New Brunswick, Canada * Kenneth Roy MacLeod (1927–2011), judge and politician in Saskatchewan, Canada Provided by Wikipedia
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Published in 1992
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