List of Neighbours characters (2008)

Chloe Cammeniti, played by Sarah May, is the daughter of Carmella Cammeniti (Natalie Blair) and Oliver Barnes (David Hoflin). She was born on-screen on 21 January 2008. Chloe is born premature and she initially suffers from breathing difficulties, but she eventually recovers. Following her birth, Oliver decides to fight for custody of his daughter. Chloe and her mother depart on 3 December 2008 to meet up with Oliver in Portugal. In September 2010, it was announced that Hoflin and Blair would be returning as Oliver and Carmella in March 2011. Chloe also returned with them, now played by Daisy Zanveld.

Chloe is born six weeks prematurely. On the circumstances of her birth, Blair said "Carmella needs an emergency caesarean and her baby daughter's having trouble breathing. The baby is whisked to intensive care before Carmella even has the chance to hold her." Blair added that Carmella is heartbroken and that she feels "desolate". Carmella blames herself for Chloe being born early and she decides to put her baby first before everything else.

Carmella discovers she is pregnant following the end of her relationship with Oliver. She worries that her addiction to prescribed anti-depressants has affected her baby, but she is told that the baby is fine. Carmella later begins a relationship with her business partner, Marco Silvani (Jesse Rosenfeld). Oliver worries that he is going to be cut out of his child's life. Carmella goes into premature labour and she agrees to have an epidural, despite attempting to have a drug-free birth. However, the baby becomes distressed and has to be delivered by cesarean section. Carmella gives birth to a daughter, but she is distressed to find out that the baby cannot breathe alone. She is then rushed to the neonatal unit. Carmella and Oliver decide to name their daughter, Chloe. Chloe spends a few days in the neonatal unit and she starts breathing on her own. Carmella is discharged, but Chloe has to stay in the hospital for a while longer. Carmella and Marco decide to move into Ramsay Street and Oliver grows concerned about Marco's place in his daughter's life. Oliver starts a fight with Marco during Chloe's Christening. Oliver then begins to fight for custody of Chloe. Marco dies after suffering injuries in a bushfire and Oliver drops the custody case. Oliver decides to leave for a new job and Carmella and Chloe join him a few months later. Chloe returns with her parents when they come back to Erinsborough to get her grandmother, Rebecca Robinson (Jane Hall). Provided by Wikipedia
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