James Phillips

James Phillips may refer to: * James Phillips (footballer) (fl. 1877–1878), Scottish international football player * James Phillips (kickboxer) (born 1980), German-American kickboxer and martial artist * James Phillips (South African musician) (1959–1995), South African rock singer, songwriter and performer * James Phillips (Canadian musician), Canadian multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer * James Phillips (playwright) (born 1977), British playwright and director * James Phillips (rugby union) (born 1987), English rugby union player * James Andrew Phillips, associate professor of philosophy at the University of New South Wales * James Charles Phillips (born 1933), American physicist * James D. Phillips, former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Congo and Burundi * James Dickson Phillips Jr. (1922–2017), American judge * James F. Phillips (1930–2001), American environmental activist who worked under the pseudonym ''the Fox'' * James J. Phillips (born ?), American NCAA Division I college athletic director * James Madhlope Phillips (1919–1987), South African artist * James Milner Phillips (1905–1974), English engineer and businessman * James Phillips (cricketer) (1849–1905), English cricketer * James Phillips (MP) (1672–1730), Welsh politician * James M. Phillips, American businessman * James Robert Phillips (1864–1897), British colonial administrator * James Liddell Phillips (1840–1895), medical and religious missionary * James T. Phillips (1953–2014), member of the New Jersey Senate * James Phillips, English songwriter, better known as John Turner * James Phillips, American songwriter and producer better known as LRoc * Jim Phillips (cricketer) (1860–1930), Australian cricketer * Jim Phillips Sr. (1931–2018), American politician, North Carolina senator * Jim Phillips (American football) (1936–2015), former American football wide receiver * Jim Phillips (born 1944), American graphic designer and cartoonist, former art director for Santa Cruz Skateboards * Jimmy Phillips (footballer, born 1966), English football player (Bolton Wanderers) * Jimmy Phillips (footballer, born 1989), English football player (Gateshead) * Jimmy Phillips (politician) (1913–2002), Texas senator Provided by Wikipedia
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