William Stevens

William Stevens may refer to:

* William Stevens (MP) for Salisbury * William Stevens (writer) (1732–1807), English biographer * William A. Stevens (1879–1941), New Jersey Attorney General * William C. Stevens (1837-1921), Michigan Auditor General * William Bacon Stevens (1815–1887), Episcopal bishop of Pennsylvania * William George Stevens (1893–1975), British born general who served with the New Zealand Military Forces during WWII * William H. Stevens (1818–1880), American architect * William L. Stevens (1932–1997), Episcopal bishop of Fond du Lac * William N. Stevens (1850–1889), first African American to serve in both house of the Virginia General Assembly * William Oliver Stevens (1878–1955), American writer and professor for the United States Naval Academy * W. Richard Stevens (1951–1999), American technology writer * William S. Stevens (1948–2008), attorney who wrote ''The Common Law Origins of the Infield Fly Rule'' * William W. Stevens, one of the founders of Triad Systems Corporation, now known as Activant * Billy Stevens (born 1945), American football player * Billy Stevens (Australian footballer) (1905–1997), Australian rules footballer for St Kilda * Bill Stevens (footballer, born 1908) (1908–1981), Australian rules footballer for North Melbourne * Bill Stevens (footballer, born 1939), Australian rules footballer for Fitzroy * Will Stevens (born 1991), British racing driver * Will Henry Stevens (1881–1949), American modernist painter and naturalist * Mark Stevens (actor) (Richard William Stevens, 1916–1994), American actor Provided by Wikipedia
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