Duncan Stewart

Duncan Stewart may refer to: * Duncan Stewart (Mississippi politician) (1763–1819), Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi, 1817–1820 * Duncan Stewart (Uruguayan politician) (1833–1923), interim President of Uruguay in 1894 * Duncan Stewart (British diplomat) (1904–1949), British governor of Sarawak assassinated by Rosli Dhobie in 1948 * Duncan Stewart of Ardsheal (1732–1793) * Duncan Alexander Stewart (1850–1936), Scottish-born farmer and political figure in Manitoba, Canada * Duncan Stewart, cardiologist and CEO of the Ottawa Health Research Institute * Duncan Stewart (''Home and Away''), character in the Australian television series ''Home and Away'' * Duncan Stewart (footballer, born 1860) (fl. 1884–1892), Scottish footballer (Dumbarton FC and Scotland) * Duncan Stewart (footballer, born 1900) (1900–?), Scottish footballer for Sunderland * Duncan Stewart (golfer) (born 1984), Scottish golfer * Duncan Stewart (environmentalist), Irish television presenter * Duncan Stewart (academic) (1930–1996), British academic administrator Provided by Wikipedia
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