Tian Jun

Tian Jun (; 858-December 30, 903), courtesy name Dechen (), was a warlord late in the Chinese Tang Dynasty, who ruled Ningguo Circuit (寧國, headquartered in modern Xuancheng, Anhui) at its military governor (''Jiedushi'') from 892 to his death in 903. He was a childhood friend of the major warlord Yang Xingmi the military governor of Huainan Circuit (淮南, headquartered in modern Yangzhou, Jiangsu), served under Yang during various campaigns, and continued to be Yang's vassal after he became a military governor. However, he eventually became angry at Yang's refusal to support him in his own campaigns of expansion. In 903, he rebelled against Yang in conjunction with An Renyi () the military prefect of Run Prefecture (潤州, in modern Zhenjiang, Jiangsu) and, for some time, posed a major threat to Yang's continued rule of Huainan, but was soon defeated by Yang's officer Tai Meng () and killed in battle. Provided by Wikipedia
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