List of Neighbours characters (2001)

Leah de Niese portrayed Larissa Calwell Jessica "Jess" Fielding, played by Elisha Gazdowicz, made her first screen appearance on 14 February 2001. Jess was a student at Erinsborough High who reported Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) for hitting her and was accused of planting a bomb, a storyline which saw her make an immediate impact on the show. A writer for the ''Daily Record'' said Gazdowicz's character was "one viewers either love or hate" and they called Jess a "vixen" and a "wild child" who managed to upset everyone in Ramsay Street. Gazdowicz told the writer that she hoped she did not become a hate figure, saying "I was worried about the way my character comes across as I know it is seen by millions of people world-wide. I just want viewers to like Jess but I can understand why they don't." Gazdowicz also revealed she was the opposite to Jess when it came to school work. Following a confrontation about a low mark, Jess lashes out at her teacher, Susan Kennedy. Susan strikes Jess in self-defence and she is later suspended for her actions, while an investigation is carried out. Jess' boyfriend Tad Reeves (Jonathon Dutton) witnessed the incident and urges Jess to tell the truth about what happened. Jess initially refuses, but she eventually confesses that it was not Susan's fault.

Jess joins Year 12 at Erinsborough High and immediately attracts the attention of Tad Reeves. Jess makes an enemy of Susan Kennedy and she displays no interest in her school work. Tad asks Jess out and she agrees to a date. They work together on a school project and when Tad goes to Jess' home, he is shocked to see how wealthy her family is. Jess tells Tad that her sister, Mary, has had a baby and her parents have being ignoring her to spend time with Mary and their new grandchild. Jess' behaviour at school become worse and when a bomb threat is reported, Jess becomes the prime suspect. A bomb does go off on the school playing field and Jess finds herself under suspicion from Susan and Tad. It is later revealed Colin Rogers (John Tarle) set the bomb. Jess becomes angry with everyone who had accused her. A few days later, Susan gives Jess a low grade for an assignment and Jess confronts her. Susan takes Jess aside after class to talk to her about the mark and her behaviour. Jess lashes out at Susan and Susan puts her arm up to defend herself, causing Jess to fall to the ground. Jess makes everyone aware of the attack and her mother threatens to file a complaint with the school. Susan is suspended and Tad tries to work out why Jess is trying to ruin Susan's career. Eventually Jess admits Susan was not to blame and the complaint is dropped. Jess turns up at Tad's home asking if she can stay. She explains she had an argument with her parents and Tad manages to talk her into calling them. Tad realises his relationship with Jess is becoming too serious and he ends it. Provided by Wikipedia
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