Jeremy Young

John H. Young (born 1934, Liverpool), known professionally as Jeremy Young, is an English actor of Scottish descent.

Young has numerous television credits, including ''Deadline Midnight'' (1960), ''Doctor Who'' (appearing as caveman Kal in three episodes of the first serial ''An Unearthly Child'' in 1963) and ''Coronation Street'' as nightclub owner Benny Lewis in 1972. His film credits include appearances in ''The Wild and the Willing'' (1962), ''Crooks and Coronets'' (1969), ''Eyewitness'' (1970), ''Hopscotch'' (1980) and ''Photographing Fairies'' (1997).

He has worked for BBC Radio and teaches and directs at the Court Theatre Training Company which is part of the Courtyard, London.

Young was married to actresses Coral Atkins and later to Kate O'Mara from 1961 to 1976. Provided by Wikipedia
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