Zhang Chao

Zhang Chao () was a Chinese litterateur and fiction writer from Anhui Province, China. He was born in 1650 during the Qing dynasty. Zhang had extensive knowledge in the field of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. He liked chess, calligraphy and painting and was good at various kinds of poetry. He was also interested in flowers, birds, fishes and insects. His works are rich in imagination and associated with the features of the Qing dynasty. ''Quiet Dream Shadows'' and ''Yu Chu Xin Zhi'' are the representative works. There are some other works too, such as ''Hua Ying Ci'' ''花影词'' ( Poems of Flower Shadows), ''Xi Nang Cun Jin'' ''奚囊寸锦'', and ''Yin Zhong Ba Xian Ling'' ''饮中八仙令''. Provided by Wikipedia
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