Mouvements verticaux dans la region des bancs de Galice (Atlantique nord-est), d'apres les resultats du Leg 47B  [Vertical movements in the Galice region (Northeast Atlantic) from the results of Leg 47B]

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doi: 10.2113/gssgfbull.S7-XX.4.365
Alternate Title(s): Vertical movements in the Galice region (Northeast Atlantic) from the results of Leg 47B
Author(s): Sibuet, J. C.; Charpal, O.; Montadert, L.; Ryan, W. B. F.
Volume Title: Phase internationale des forages oceaniques (I.P.O.D.)
Source: La phase internationale des forages oceaniques (I.P.O.D.). Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France, 20(4), p.365-373. Publisher: Société Géologique de France, Paris, France. ISSN: 0037-9409 CODEN: BSGFAE
Note: In French with English summary. 28 refs.; illus. incl. geol. sketch map
Year of Publication: 1978
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
IPOD International Phase of Ocean Drilling
Key Words: 18 Geophysics, Solid-Earth; Atlantic Ocean; Cretaceous; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Europe; Galice; Geomorphology; IPOD; Iberian Peninsula; Jurassic; Leg 47; Lower Cretaceous; Lower Jurassic; Mesozoic; Paleozoic; Permian; Sea-floor spreading; Southern Europe; Tectonophysics; Upper Jurassic
Coordinates: N380000 N450000 W0080000 W0160000
Record ID: 1979033686
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