The northwestern Iberian margin; a Cretaceous passive margin deformed during Eocene

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doi: 10.1029/ME003p0138
Author(s): Boillot, G.; Auxietre, J.; Dunand, J.; Dupeuble, P.; Mauffret, A.
Volume Title: Deep drilling results in the Atlantic Ocean; continental margins and paleoenvironment
Volume Author(s): Talwani, M., editor; Hay, W.; Ryan, W. B. F.
Source: Maurice Ewing Series, 3, p.138-153; Deep drilling results in the Atlantic Ocean; continental margins and paleoenvironment, Harriman, N.Y., March 19-25, 1978, edited by M. Talwani, W. Hay and W. B. F. Ryan. Publisher: American Geophysical Union, Washington, DC, United States. ISSN: 0197-6346. ISBN: 978-1-118-66583-1 CODEN: MEWSDN
Note: In English. 45 refs.; illus. incl. tables, block diags., sects., geol. sketch maps
Summary: The structural evolution of the northwestern Iberian margin has been reconstructed from the results of IPOD drill site 398, as well as from numerous dredgings and a dense network of seismic profiles. During the Mesozoíc the margin first underwent two consecutive extensional phases interpreted as the result of two episodes of rifting in the Atlantic. Then during Eocene, subsidence was interrupted by compression and related deformation caused by subduction of oceanic sea floor of the Bay of Biscay beneath the Iberian Peninsula. Present day marginal banks are interpreted as blocks of the older passive margin uplifted during early Tertiary as a result of that subduction. Fault escarpments provide opportunities to sample older sediments and basement by dredging. Abstract Copyright 1979 by the American Geophysical Union.
Year of Publication: 1979
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
Key Words: 16 Structural Geology; Algae; Assemblages; Atlantic Ocean; Bay of Biscay; Biostratigraphy; Cenozoic; Changes of level; Continental margin; Cretaceous; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Deformation; Dredging; Eocene; Europe; Foraminifera; Geophysical methods; Geophysical surveys; Iberian Peninsula; Invertebrata; Lithostratigraphy; Mesozoic; Microfossils; North Atlantic; Oceanography; Paleogene; Plantae; Plate tectonics; Protista; Research; Sea-level changes; Sedimentation; Seismic methods; Southern Europe; Spain; Stratigraphy; Structural geology; Structure; Surveys; Tectonics; Tectonophysics; Tertiary; Transgression; Uplifts
Coordinates: N400000 N450000 W0010000 W0120000
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