Grain size effect on the low-temperature oxidation of titanomagnetites

Author(s): Nishitani, T.
Volume Title: Rock Magnetism and Paleogeophysics
Source: Rock Magnetism and Paleogeophysics, Vol.6, p.128-136; Rock magnetism and paleogeophysics, Japan, 1979. Publisher: Rock Magnetism and Paleogeophysics Research Group in Japan, Tokyo, Japan. ISSN: 0385-2520
Note: In English. 11 refs.; illus.
Year of Publication: 1979
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
IPOD International Phase of Ocean Drilling
Key Words: 17 Geophysics, General; Cores; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Experimental studies; Grain size; IPOD; Interpretation; Leg 51; Leg 52; Leg 53; Leg 55; Magnetic minerals; Magnetic properties; Magnetization; Minerals; Natural remanent magnetization; Oxides; Pacific Ocean; Paleomagnetism; Properties; Remanent magnetization; Stratigraphy; Titanomagnetite
Coordinates: N100000 N300000 E1500000 E1400000
Record ID: 1981001763
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