A progress report on the study of ostracodes related to the Messinian salinity crisis for 1975/76

Author(s): Benson, Richard H.
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
Smithson. Inst., Washington, DC, United States
Volume Title: Significato geodinamico della crisi di salinita' del Miocene terminale nel Mediterraneo
Volume Author(s): Cita, Maria Bianca, convener
Source: Show and Tell Messinian Seminar, Vol.2, p.17-18; Show and tell Messinian seminar N. 2, Gargnano, Italy, Sept. 5-12, 1976, convened by Maria Bianca Cita. Publisher: International Geological Correlation Programme, International
Note: In English
Year of Publication: 1976
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
Key Words: 12 Stratigraphy, Historical Geology and Paleoecology; Arthropoda; Biostratigraphy; Cenozoic; Crustacea; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Invertebrata; Leg 42A; Mandibulata; Mediterranean Sea; Messinian; Microfossils; Miocene; Neogene; Oblitacythereis; Ostracoda; Stratigraphy; Tertiary; Upper Miocene
Coordinates: N340000 N410000 E0320000 E0040000
Record ID: 1983012547
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