Secondary minerals in basalt from the Costa Rica Rift, holes 501 and 504B, Deep Sea Drilling Project legs 68, 69, and 70

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doi: 10.2973/dsdp.proc.69.130.1983
Author(s): Kurnosov, Victor B.; Kholodkevich, Igor V.; Chubarov, Valerii M.; Shevchenko, Alla Ya.
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
Far-East Geol. Inst., Vladivostok, USSR
Lamont-Doherty Geol. Obs., United States
Univ. Miami, Rosenstiel Sch. Mar. Atmos. Sci., United States
Woods Hole Oceanogr. Inst., United States
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Univ. Karlsruhe, Inst. Petrogr. Geochem., Federal Republic of Germany
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Oreg. State Univ., Sch. Oceanogr., United States
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Univ. Ala., Dep. Geol. Geophys., United States
Univ. Wash., Dep. Geol. Sci., United States
USSR Acad. Sci., Inst. Oceanol., USSR
Volume Title: Initial reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project covering Leg 68 (Site 501), Leg 69, and Leg 70 (Site 504) of the cruises of the drilling vessel Glomar Challenger, Puntarenas, Costa Rica to Balboa, Panama, July-December 1979
Volume Author(s): Cann, J. R.; Langseth, Marcus G.; Honnorez, Jose; Von Herzen, Richard P.; White, S. M.; Bacon, Michael P.; Anderson, Roger N.; Lawrence, James R.; Natland, James H.; Nekhoroshkov, Vladislav L.; Pertsev, Nikolai N.; Ponomarev, Vladimir N.; Zoback, Mark D.; Adamson, A. C.; Barrett, Timothy J.; Becker, Keir; Beiersdorf, Helmut; Bender, Michael; Borella, Peter E.; Furuta, Toshio; Hubberten, Hans-Wolfgang; Jones, Steven C.; Karato, Shun-ichiro; Laverne, Christine; Levi, Shaul; Migdisov, Areg G.; Moorby, S. Anthony; Mottl, Michael J.; Noack, Yves; Sancetta, Constance A.; Schrader, Edward L.; Wilkens, Roy H.; Stout, Larry N.; Bailey, Marian G.
Source: Initial reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project covering Leg 68 (Site 501), Leg 69, and Leg 70 (Site 504) of the cruises of the drilling vessel Glomar Challenger, Puntarenas, Costa Rica to Balboa, Panama, July-December 1979, J. R. Cann, Marcus G. Langseth, Jose Honnorez, Richard P. Von Herzen, S. M. White, Michael P. Bacon, Roger N. Anderson, James R. Lawrence, James H. Natland, Vladislav L. Nekhoroshkov, Nikolai N. Pertsev, Vladimir N. Ponomarev, Mark D. Zoback, A. C. Adamson, Timothy J. Barrett, Keir Becker, Helmut Beiersdorf, Michael Bender, Peter E. Borella, Toshio Furuta, Hans-Wolfgang Hubberten, Steven C. Jones, Shun-ichiro Karato, Christine Laverne, Shaul Levi, Areg G. Migdisov, S. Anthony Moorby, Michael J. Mottl, Yves Noack, Constance A. Sancetta, Edward L. Schrader, Roy H. Wilkens, Larry N. Stout and Marian G. Bailey. Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, Vol.69, p.573-583. Publisher: Texas A & M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States. ISSN: 0080-8334 CODEN: IDSDA6
Note: In English. 15 refs.; illus. incl. 9 tables, 3 plates
Summary: The following secondary minerals occur according to XRD, IR, EM, SEM and electron diffraction: trioctahedral and dioctahedral smectite, chlorite, mixed-layer clays, talc, hematite, pyrite, faujasite, phillipsite, analcite, natrolite, thomsonite, gyrolite, aragonite, calcite, anhydrite, chalcocite, Fe-hydrosilicate, okenite, apophyllite, actinolite, cristobalite, quartz, magnesite and bismutite. A Mn-rich mineral and strong reflections at 12.9 and 3.20 A remain unidentified. Trioctahedral smectite replaces glass and olivine in the basalt matrix; the other secondary minerals occur in veins. Most of the secondary minerals formed below 120°C and show both hydrothermal and oxidizing-non-oxidizing zonation.
Year of Publication: 1983
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
IPOD International Phase of Ocean Drilling
Key Words: 05 Petrology, Igneous and Metamorphic; Alteration; Analcime; Basalts; Chlorite; Chlorite group; Clay minerals; Costa Rica Rift; Deep Sea Drilling Project; East Pacific; Equatorial Pacific; Framework silicates; Fujasite; Gyrolite; Halmyrolysis; Hematite; IPOD; Igneous rocks; Lava; Leg 68; Leg 69; Leg 70; Marine geology; Mixed-layer minerals; Natrolite; North American Pacific; North Pacific; Northeast Pacific; Oxides; Pacific Ocean; Panama Basin; Petrology; Phillipsite; Pillow lava; Processes; Pyrite; Secondary minerals; Sheet silicates; Silicates; Smectite; Sulfides; Talc; Thomsonite; Veins; Volcanic rocks; Water-rock interaction; Zeolite group
Coordinates: N011335 N015500 W0834000 W0835000
Record ID: 1983052515
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