Symposium on the ophiolite-related geology of the Eastern Mediterranean (London, 18 April 1977)

Author(s): Naylor, M. A.
Volume Title: Ofioliti
Source: Ofioliti, 2(2-3), p.347-350. Publisher: Pitagora Editrice, Bologna, Italy. ISSN: 0391-2612 CODEN: OFIOD4
Note: In English and Italian. Meeting held at University College, Department of Geology, London; organized by Dr. R. Mason
Year of Publication: 1977
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
Key Words: 05 Petrology, Igneous and Metamorphic; 16 Structural Geology; Apennines; Arabian Peninsula; Arabian Sea; Asia; Blueschist facies; Cenozoic; Clastic rocks; Cretaceous; Crust; Cyprus; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Dunite; East Mediterranean; Europe; Facies; Faults; Flysch; Gulf of Oman; Harzburgite; Igneous rocks; Indian Ocean; Italy; Lava; Liguria Italy; Maestrichtian; Masirah Island; Mediterranean Sea; Mediterranean region; Melange; Mesozoic; Metaigneous rocks; Metamorphic rocks; Metasomatic rocks; Middle East; Nappes; Northern Apennines; Oceanic crust; Oman; Ophiolite; Peridotites; Pillow lava; Plutonic rocks; Quaternary; Sedimentary rocks; Senonian; Serpentinite; Southern Europe; Strike-slip faults; Structural geology; Subduction zones; Symposia; Taurus Mountains; Tectonics; Tertiary; Transform faults; Turbidite; Turkey; Ultramafics; Upper Cretaceous; Yesilova Ophiolite
Record ID: 1984028086
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