Geochemistry of interstitial gases in Quaternary sediments of the Gulf of California

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doi: 10.1016/0009-2541(84)90145-1
Author(s): Simoneit, Bernd R. T.; Galimov, Eric M.
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Oreg. State Univ., Sch. Oceanogr., Corvallis, OR, United States
USSR Acad. Sci., V. I. Vernadskiy, Inst. Geochem. and Anal. Chem., USSR
Volume Title: Chemical Geology
Source: Chemical Geology, 43(1-2), p.151-166. Publisher: Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands. ISSN: 0009-2541 CODEN: CHGEAD
Note: In English. 19 refs.; illus. incl. 1 table, sketch map
Summary: Interstitial gases from DSDP-IPOD Leg-64 sites 474, 477-479 and 481 in the Gulf of California were analysed by gas chromatography and stable-isotope mass spectrometry in order to evaluate their compositions in terms of biogenic and thermogenic sources. The hydrocarbon gas (C1-C5) concentrations were comparable to the shipboard data and no olefins were detected. The delta 13C data for the CH4 confirmed the effects of thermal stress on the sedimentary organic matter, in that the values were typically biogenic near the surface and became more depleted in 13C vs depth at sites 474, 478 and 481. The CH4 at site 477 was the heaviest in 13C and at site 479 it did not show a predominant high-T component. The CO2 at depth from most sites was of a primary thermogenic origin from carbonate decomposition.
Year of Publication: 1984
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
IPOD International Phase of Ocean Drilling
Key Words: 02 Geochemistry; 24 Surficial Geology, Quaternary Geology; Aliphatic hydrocarbons; Alkanes; Alteration; C-13/C-12; Carbon; Cenozoic; Clastic sediments; DSDP Site 474; DSDP Site 477; DSDP Site 478; DSDP Site 479; DSDP Site 481; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Diagenesis; East Pacific; Gas chromatograms; Gases; Geochemistry; Gulf of California; Hydrocarbons; IPOD; Isotopes; Leg 64; Marine sediments; Materials; Methane; Neotectonics; North Pacific; Northeast Pacific; Olefins; Ooze; Organic compounds; Organic materials; Pacific Ocean; Quaternary; Sediments; Stable isotopes; Stratigraphy; Tectonics; Thermal history; Turbidite
Coordinates: N265000 N275800 W1110000 W1120000
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