Magnetic fabric of some IPOD sediment cores from the southwestern sector of Africa

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doi: 10.1306/212F8DD7-2B24-11D7-8648000102C1865D
Author(s): Folami, S. L.
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Fed. Univ. Technol., Dep. Appl. Geophys. and Meteorol., Akure, Nigeria
Volume Title: Journal of Sedimentary Petrology
Source: Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, 58(3), p.512-518. Publisher: Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, Tulsa, OK, United States. ISSN: 0022-4472 CODEN: JSEPAK
Note: In English. 14 refs.; illus. incl. 1 table, strat. col., sketch map
Summary: The direction of bulk magnetic grain alignment within Tertiary and Cretaceous nannofossil oozes, marls, and volcaniclastic sandstones from the southeastern flank of the Walvis Ridge at hole 524 and Albian to Eocene deposits from 20 km north of the Walvis escarpment at hole 530A, recovered during Legs 73 and 75 of the International Program of Ocean Drilling (IPOD), has been determined from measurements of the magnetic susceptibility anisotropy. Depositional-style magnetic fabrics have been identified in a wide variety of sedimentary lithologies drilled at holes 524 and 530A. Assuming that the alignment mentioned above reflects the dominant transport direction at the time of sedimentation, useful information can be deduced concerning changes in sediment transport processes throughout this period. Thus, the magnetic fabric data confirm the existence of a preferred alignment of grain long axes at site 524 with an overall NW-SE orientation and at site 530 with an overall NE-SW orientation.
Year of Publication: 1988
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
IPOD International Phase of Ocean Drilling
Key Words: 06 Petrology, Sedimentary; Atlantic Ocean; Bottom currents; Cenozoic; Clastic rocks; Clastic sediments; Cretaceous; Currents; DSDP Site 524; DSDP Site 530A; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Eocene; Fabric; IPOD; Leg 73; Leg 75; Magnetic anomalies; Magnetic susceptibility; Marl; Mesozoic; Ooze; Paleocene; Paleogene; Paleomagnetism; Sedimentary rocks; Sedimentation; Sediments; South Atlantic; Stratigraphy; Tertiary; Transport; Volcaniclastics; Walvis Ridge
Coordinates: S292905 S292905 E0033000 E0033000
S191126 S191126 E0092325 E0092325
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