Kerguelen Plateau-Prydz Bay; covering Leg 119 of the cruises of the drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution, Port Louis, Mauritius, to Fremantle, Australia, Sites 736-746, 14 December 1987-20 February, 1988

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Author(s): Barron, John; Larsen, Birger; Baldauf, Jack G.; Alibert, Chantal; Berkowitz, Steve P.; Caulet, Jean-Pierre; Chambers, Steven; Cooper, Alan; Cranston, Ray; Dorn, Wolfgang; Ehrmann, Werner; Fox, Rick; Fryxell, Greta; Hambrey, Michael; Huber, Brian; Jenkins, Christopher; Kang, Sung-Ho; Keating, Barbara; Mehl, Klaus; Noh, Il; Ollier, Gilles; Pittenger, Alan; Sakai, Hideo; Schroder, Claudia; Solheim, Anders; Stockwell, Dean; Thierstein, Hans; Tocher, Bruce; Turner, Brian; Wei, Wuchang
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U. S. Geol. Surv., Menlo Park, CA, United States
Source: Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Part A: Initial Reports, Vol.119, 942p. Publisher: Texas A & M University, Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, TX, United States. ISSN: 0884-5883 CODEN: IDSDA6
Note: In English. Individual chapters are cited separately
Year of Publication: 1989
Research Program: ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 07 Marine Geology and Oceanography; Antarctic Ocean; Boreholes; Drilling; Expeditions; JOIDES; Kerguelen Plateau; Leg 119; Ocean Drilling Program; Ocean floors; Oceanography; Prydz Bay; Sediments; Southern Ocean
Coordinates: S684114 S492407 E0855147 E0713936
Record ID: 1990011510
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