Compaction and overpressuring in Pleistocene sediments on the Louisiana shelf, Gulf of Mexico

Author(s): Audet, D. Marc
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
University of Oxford, Department of Earth Sciences, Oxford, United Kingdom
Volume Title: Marine and Petroleum Geology
Source: in conjunction with the [Marine and Petroleum Geology, 13(5), p.467-474. Publisher: Butterworth] Geological Society, Surrey, United Kingdom. ISSN: 0264-8172
Note: In English. 26 refs.; illus., incl. sect., 1 table, sketch maps
Year of Publication: 1996
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
IPOD International Phase of Ocean Drilling
Key Words: 06 Petrology, Sedimentary; Atlantic Ocean; Cenozoic; Clastic rocks; Compaction; Compressibility; Continental shelf; Cores; DSDP Site 615; DSDP Site 619; DSDP Site 621; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Diagenesis; Direct problem; Eugene Island; Gulf of Mexico; IPOD; Leg 96; Louisiana; Mechanical properties; North Atlantic; Offshore; Overpressure; Permeability; Pleistocene; Pore pressure; Porosity; Pressure; Quaternary; Sandstone; Sedimentary rocks; Sedimentation; Sedimentation rates; Sediments; Shale; Stress; Triaxial tests; United States; Variations; Wells
Coordinates: N251320 N251321 W0855931 W0855932
N271136 N271137 W0912432 W0912433
N264351 N264352 W0882945 W0882946
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