Neogene calcareous nannofossils from the Japan Sea and mid-latitude western North Atlantic Ocean continental rise

Author(s): Muza, Jay Phillip
Source: 249p. Institution: Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, United States
Note: In English. Doctoral dissertation
Year of Publication: 1996
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
IPOD International Phase of Ocean Drilling
ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 12 Stratigraphy, Historical Geology and Paleoecology; Algae; Antarctic ice sheet; Antarctica; Atlantic Ocean; Biostratigraphy; Cenozoic; Cores; Cycles; DSDP Site 603; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Foraminifera; Geophysical methods; Geophysical surveys; Glacial environment; Glaciation; IPOD; Interglacial environment; Invertebrata; Japan Sea; Leg 128; Leg 93; Leg 95; Microfossils; Milankovitch theory; Nannofossils; Neogene; North Atlantic; North Pacific; Northwest Pacific; ODP Site 798; Ocean Drilling Program; Pacific Ocean; Paleo-oceanography; Paleomagnetism; Periodicity; Phytoplankton; Plankton; Plantae; Pleistocene; Productivity; Protista; Quaternary; Reflection methods; Sea-level changes; Sediments; Seismic methods; Seismic stratigraphy; Surveys; Tertiary; Thallophytes; Tsuchima Strait; Variations; West Antarctic ice sheet; West Pacific
Coordinates: N352939 N352940 W0700142 W0700143
N352939 N384432 W0700142 W0723633
N352900 N384930 W0700100 W0724700
N370218 N370218 E1344759 E1344758
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