Isotopic evidence for palaeotemperatures and depth stratification of Middle Cretaceous planktonic Foraminifera from the Pacific Ocean

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doi: 10.1017/S0016756898008334
Author(s): Price, G. D.; Sellwood, B. W.; Corfield, R. M.; Clarke, L.; Cartlidge, J. E.
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Queen's University, Belfast, United Kingdom
University of Reading, United Kingdom
University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Volume Title: Geological Magazine
Source: Geological Magazine, 135(2), p.183-191. Publisher: Cambridge University Press, London, United Kingdom. ISSN: 0016-7568 CODEN: GEMGA4
Note: In English. 52 refs.; illus., incl. 3 tables, sketch maps
Summary: Stable isotopic measurements have been made on planktonic foraminifera and coccolithic matrix of late Albian-Cenomanian age from two low-latitude sites in the Pacific; the degree of alteration of the foraminifera was assessed by chemical analyses, CL and SEM. The rotalporid foraminifera show an interspecies range of Δ18O values from -2.29 to -3.550/00; Hedbergellid foraminifera show an interspecies variation of -2.52 to -3.020/00. Individual foraminifera of both species show a surprisingly large spread, e.g. -2.454 to -3.3440/00. At both sites the Δ18O data are consistent with a gradual warming through Albian-Cenomanian time, but it appears that the equatorial oceans were only as warm as at the present day (and did not reach the high T claimed in older literature).
Year of Publication: 1998
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
IPOD International Phase of Ocean Drilling
Key Words: 02 Geochemistry; 12 Stratigraphy, Historical Geology and Paleoecology; Algae; C-13/C-12; Carbon; Cretaceous; DSDP Site 305; DSDP Site 463; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Depth; Foraminifera; IPOD; Invertebrata; Isotopes; Leg 32; Leg 62; Mesozoic; Microfossils; Middle Cretaceous; Nannofossils; O-18/O-16; Oxygen; Pacific Ocean; Paleo-oceanography; Paleotemperature; Planktonic taxa; Plantae; Protista; Stable isotopes
Coordinates: N320007 N320008 E1575101 E1575059
N212101 N212101 E1744004 E1744004
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