ODP Leg 198; new evidence for rapid climate change in the Cretaceous and Paleogene from the Shatsky Rise, Northwest Pacific Ocean

Author(s): Bralower, Timothy J.; Premoli Silva, Isabella; Malone, Mitchell J.; Arthur, Michael A.; Averyt, Kristin; Brassell, Simon C.; Bown, Paul R.; Channell, James E. T.; Clarke, Leon J.; Dutton, Andrea; Eleson, Jason W.; Frank, Tracy D.; Gylesjo, Susanne; Hancock, Heidi; Kano, Harumasa; Leckie, R. Mark; Marsaglia, Kathleen M.; Moe, K. T.; McGuire, Jennifer; Petrizzo, Maria Rose; Robinson, Stuart; Röhl, Ursula; Sager, William W.; Takedo, Kotaro; Thomas, Deborah; Williams, Trevor; Zachos, James C.
Ocean Drilling Program, Leg 198, Shipboard Scientific Party, College Station, TX
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
University of North Carolina, Department of Geological Sciences, Chapel Hill, NC, United States
University of Milan, Italy
Texas A&M University, United States
Volume Title: JOIDES Journal
Source: JOIDES Journal, 28(2), p.13-17. Publisher: Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling, Palisades, NY, United States. ISSN: 0734-5615
Note: In English. 11 refs.; illus., incl. strat. cols.
Year of Publication: 2002
Research Program: ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 12 Stratigraphy, Historical Geology and Paleoecology; Biozones; Carbon; Cenozoic; Climate change; Cretaceous; Depositional environment; Extinction; Foraminifera; Invertebrata; K-T boundary; Leg 198; Lithostratigraphy; Lower Paleocene; Mesozoic; Microfossils; North Pacific; Northwest Pacific; Ocean Drilling Program; Organic carbon; Pacific Ocean; Paleocene; Paleoclimatology; Paleoenvironment; Paleogene; Protista; Shatsky Rise; Stratigraphic boundary; Tertiary; Upper Cretaceous; West Pacific
Coordinates: N313400 N374800 E1624600 E1571500
Record ID: 2004004464
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