Ostracodes paléocènes et éocènes du Blake Nose (Leg ODP 171B) et évolution des environnements bathyaux au large de la Floride  [Blake Nose Paleocene and Eocene Ostracoda, ODP Leg 171B, and bathyal environmental evolution off Florida]

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doi: 10.1016/S0035-1598(00)90140-5
Alternate Title(s): Blake Nose Paleocene and Eocene Ostracoda, ODP Leg 171B, and bathyal environmental evolution off Florida
Author(s): Guernet, Claude; Bellier, Jean-Pierre
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Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Laboratoire de Micropaléontologie, Paris, France
Volume Title: Revue de Micropaléontologie
Source: Revue de Micropaléontologie, 43(4), p.249-279. Publisher: Elsevier, Paris, France. ISSN: 0035-1598 CODEN: RMCPAM
Note: In French with English summary. 76 refs.; sect., 6 plates, 6 tables, sketch map
Summary: Ostracods picked from one hundred and seventy Maastrichtian to Upper Eocene samples from sites 1049, 1050, 1051, 1052 and 1053 are described. Some 70 Palaeocene and Eocene species have been distinguished. Ostracods are often rare in the Palaeocene, but numerous and diversified in the Eocene, particularly in the Middle and Upper Eocene. However psychrospheric genera are sporadic and, after a total or subtotal extinction of the Cretaceous species at the end of the Maastrichtian, species which appear at the beginning of the Palaeocene are, mostly, still present in the Eocene. The age of the inception of the psychrosphere is discussed and preceeds the Eocene. Clinocosta triangularis n. subgen. n.sp. are described while the stratigraphical significance of Abyssobairdia anisovalva, a supposed Pontocyprididae, Abyssocythere trinidadensis, Pennyella fortedimorphica, Bathypterocythereis bathypteron, Retibythere? sp. 1 and Nobodythere? sp. 3 is analysed.
Year of Publication: 2000
Research Program: ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 10 Paleontology, Invertebrate; Arthropoda; Atlantic Ocean; Biostratigraphy; Biozones; Blake Nose; Blake Plateau; Cenozoic; Clinocosta triangularis; Crustacea; Eocene; Extinction; Faunal list; Invertebrata; Leg 171B; Mandibulata; Microfossils; New taxa; North Atlantic; Ocean Drilling Program; Ostracoda; Paleocene; Paleogene; Species diversity; Taxonomy; Tertiary
Coordinates: N295500 N300900 W0760600 W0763800
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