Origins of the Kerguelen/Broken Ridge and Ontong Java Plateaux; from deep Earth to outer space

Author(s): Coffin, Millard
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
University of Tokyo, Ocean Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan
Volume Title: Dynamic Earth; past, present and future
Volume Author(s): McPhie, Jocelyn, editor; McGoldrick, Peter
Source: Abstracts - Geological Society of Australia, Vol.73, p.199; 17th Australian geological convention, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, Feb. 8-13, 2004, edited by Jocelyn McPhie and Peter McGoldrick. Publisher: Geological Society of Australia, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia. ISSN: 0729-011X
Note: In English
Year of Publication: 2004
Research Program: ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 18 Geophysics, Solid-Earth; Broken Ridge; Convection; Cretaceous; Crust; Extraterrestrial geology; Hot spots; Kerguelen Plateau; Leg 183; Leg 192; Mafic composition; Magmatism; Mantle; Mantle plumes; Mesozoic; Microcontinents; Models; Ocean Drilling Program; Oceanic crust; Ontong Java Plateau; Pacific Ocean; Plate tectonics; West Pacific
Coordinates: S600000 S320000 E0980000 E0630000
S050100 N010000 E1643000 E1570000
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