History of the formation of the Newfoundland Basin and its relation to the development of the hydrocarbon rich basins landward of it

Author(s): Srivastava, Shiri; Sibuet, Jean Claude
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic), Halafax, NS, Canada
Volume Title: GeoCanada 2000; the millennium geoscience summit
Source: Abstract Volume (Geological Association of Canada), Vol.25; Geoscience 2000; the millennium geoscience summit, Calgary, AB, Canada, May 29-June 2, 2000. Publisher: Geological Association of Canada, Waterloo, ON, Canada. ISSN: 1716-6098 CODEN: PAACD6
Note: In English. 9 refs.; geol. sketch map
Year of Publication: 2000
Research Program: ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 16 Structural Geology; 29 Economic Geology, Energy Sources; Albian; Aptian; Atlantic Ocean; Basin analysis; Basins; Cretaceous; Drilling; Geophysical methods; Grand Banks; Iberian Plate; Igneous rocks; Jurassic; Kimmeridgian; Lower Cretaceous; Magnetic anomalies; Mesozoic; Metasomatism; Newfoundland Basin; North American Plate; North Atlantic; Ocean Drilling Program; Passive margins; Peridotites; Petroleum exploration; Plate tectonics; Plutonic rocks; Reconstruction; Rifting; Sea-floor spreading; Seismic methods; Serpentinization; Ultramafics; Upper Jurassic
Coordinates: N400000 N550000 W0350000 W0550000
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