Linking molecular taxonomy with environmental geochemistry in environments relevant to astrobiology; the anaerobic oxidation of methane in cold seeps & deeply buried marine sediments

Author(s): House, Christopher H.; Biddle, Jennifer F.; Lipp, Julius S.; Orphan, Victoria J.; McKeegan, Kevin D.; Hinrichs, Kai-Uwe
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
Pennsylvania State University, Department of Geosciences, University Park, PA, United States
University of Bremen, Federal Republic of Germany
California Institute of Technology, United States
University of California at Los Angeles, United States
Volume Title: Abstracts of ISSOL 2005, the 14th international conference on the Origin of life
Volume Author(s): Schwartz, Alan, editor
Source: Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere, 36(3), p.314-315; 14th international conference on the Origin of life, Beijing, China, June 19-24, 2005, edited by Alan Schwartz. Publisher: Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands. ISSN: 0169-6149 CODEN: OGLFAU
Note: In English
Year of Publication: 2006
Research Program: ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 02 Geochemistry; 08 Paleontology, General; Aliphatic hydrocarbons; Alkanes; Anaerobic environment; Archaea; Astrobiology; Cold seeps; Eel River methane seep; Equatorial Pacific; Geochemistry; Hydrocarbons; Ion probe data; Leg 201; Marine environment; Marine sediments; Mass spectra; Methane; ODP Site 1227; ODP Site 1229; ODP Site 1230; Ocean Drilling Program; Organic compounds; Oxidation; Pacific Ocean; RNA; Sediments; Spectra; Terrestrial comparison
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