New insights into inferring climate variability from records of planktonic foraminiferal Mg/Ca, oxygen isotope and shell weight in the Southern Ocean

Author(s): Greaves, M.; Barker, S.; Tripati, A.; Elderfield, H.; Hall, I.; Pahnke, K.; Zahn, R.
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
University of Cambridge, Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, United States
Cardiff University, United Kingdom
University of Barcelona, Spain
Volume Title: AGU 2004 fall meeting
Source: Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 85(47 Suppl.); American Geophysical Union 2004 fall meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 13-17, 2004. Publisher: American Geophysical Union, Washington, DC, United States. ISSN: 0096-3941
Note: In English
Year of Publication: 2004
Research Program: ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 02 Geochemistry; 24 Surficial Geology, Quaternary Geology; Alkaline earth metals; Bioclastic sedimentation; Biostratigraphy; Calcium; Cenozoic; Climate change; Foraminifera; Geochemistry; Glacial environment; Glaciomarine environment; Invertebrata; Isotope ratios; Isotopes; Leg 181; Magnesium; Marine environment; Metals; Mg/Ca; Microfossils; O-18/O-16; ODP Site 1123; Ocean Drilling Program; Oxygen; Paleo-oceanography; Paleoclimatology; Paleoecology; Paleotemperature; Planktonic taxa; Preservation; Protista; Quaternary; Reconstruction; Sedimentation; Shells; Southern Ocean; Stable isotopes
Coordinates: S414710 S414710 W1712956 W1712956
Record ID: 2007074708
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