Calcareous nannofossil evidence for variations in Quaternary surface productivity in the southern South China Sea

Author(s): Liu Chuanlian; Zhu Youhua; Cheng Xinrong
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Volume Title: Haiyang Dizhi yu Disiji Dizhi Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology
Source: Haiyang Dizhi yu Disiji Dizhi = Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology, 21(4), p.61-66. Publisher: Science Press, Beijing, China. ISSN: 0256-1492
Note: In Chinese with English summary. 16 refs.; illus.
Summary: Calcareous nannofossils deposited in deep-sea sediments are a good proxy of surface water paleoproductivity. Quantitative micropaleontological and stable isotope analyses were performed on Quaternary calcareous nannofossils from ODP Site 1143 in the southern South China Sea. Changes in absolute abundance, accumulation rate and carbon isotope record of nannofossils were used to understand the Quaternary evolution of surface water paleoproductivity in the southern South China Sea. The results show that surface water paleoproductivity displayed significant oscillations on two different time scales during the past 1.56 Ma. One is the fluctuation in paleoproductivity that covaried with glacial-interglacial cycles during glacial periods. The other fluctuation in paleoproductivity involved long-term changes on a time scale of about 400 ka.
Year of Publication: 2001
Research Program: ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 24 Surficial Geology, Quaternary Geology; Algae; Cenozoic; Glacial environment; Interglacial environment; Leg 184; Microfossils; Nannofossils; North Pacific; Northwest Pacific; ODP Site 1143; Ocean Drilling Program; Pacific Ocean; Paleo-oceanography; Plantae; Productivity; Quaternary; South China Sea; Variations; West Pacific
Coordinates: N092143 N092143 E1131707 E1131707
Record ID: 2009024632
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