Geochemical properties of REE in marine sediments on the northern continental slope of the South China Sea and their diagenetic environment

Author(s): Liu Baolin; Wang Yaping; Wang Jizhong; Li Jianping; Wang Yinhong; Cheng Dunwu; Li Ye
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
Chinese University of Geosciences, Beijing, China
National Research Center for Geo-Analysis, China
Shijiazhuang University of Economics, China
Volume Title: Haiyang Dizhi yu Disiji Dizhi Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology
Source: Haiyang Dizhi yu Disiji Dizhi = Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology, 24(4), p.17-23. Publisher: Science Press, Beijing, China. ISSN: 0256-1492
Note: In Chinese with English summary. 19 refs.; illus., incl. 5 tables
Summary: Through the study of the content of rare earth elements and their distribution pattern in the sediments of ODP Site 1146 of ODP Leg 184, their distribution characteristics are determined, namely, LREE is relatively enriched and Eu is in depletion. The REE distribution patterns in the eastern continental shelf, ocean sediment and loess in China are similar. This shows that sediments in the area came mainly from the continent. The enrichment factor (EF) also shows that the continent is the main source of the sediments. The weak negative anomaly of δCe, ΣREE and δEu are mainly controlled by changes in climate and the environment in the continental source area, and they have little relevance to seawater. REE correlate slightly with biological action and may mainly exist in the crystal lattice of clay minerals on the continent. The composition of interstitial water in the sediment shows that the diagenetic environment was mainly a reductive environment. The reductive action of sulfate is above 68 mcd and the biological action of methane is under 68 mcd.
Year of Publication: 2004
Research Program: ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 02 Geochemistry; 07 Marine Geology and Oceanography; Biochemical sedimentation; Chemical composition; Chemical properties; Continental slope; Depositional environment; Diagenesis; Geochemistry; Leg 184; Marine sediments; Metals; North Pacific; Northwest Pacific; ODP Site 1146; Ocean Drilling Program; Pacific Ocean; Pore water; Rare earths; Reduction; Sedimentation; Sediments; South China Sea; Sulfates; West Pacific
Coordinates: N192724 N192724 E1161622 E1161622
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