Arctic hydrology during global warming at the Palaeocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum

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doi: 10.1038/nature05043
Author(s): Pagani, Mark; Pedentchouk, Nikolai; Huber, Matthew; Sluijs, Appy; Schouten, Stefan; Brinkhuis, Henk; Sinninghe Damsté, Jaap S.; Dickens, Gerald R.; Backman, Jan; Clemens, Steve; Cronin, Thomas M.; Eynaud, Frédérique; Gattacceca, Jérôme; Jakobsson, Martin; Jordan, Ric; Kaminski, Michael; King, John; Koc, Nalan; Martinez, Nahysa C.; McInroy, David; Moore, Theodore C., Jr.; O'Regan, Matthew; Onodera, Jonaotaro; Palike, Heiko; Rea, Brice; Rio, Domenico; Sakamoto, Tatsuhiko; Smith, David C.; St. John, Kristen E. K.; Suto, Itsuki; Suzuki, Noritoshi; Takahashi, Kozo; Watanabe, Mahito; Yamamoto, Masanobu
Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, Expedition 302 Scientists, College Station, TX
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Yale University, Department of Geology and Geophysics, New Haven, CT, United States
Purdue University, United States
Utrecht University, Netherlands
Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Netherlands
Rice University, United States
Stockholm University, Sweden
Brown University, United States
U. S. Geological Survey, United States
Université Bordeaux, France
University of Aix-Marseille, France
Yamagata University, Japan
University College London, United Kingdom
University of Rhode Island, United States
Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway
Boston University, United States
British Geological Survey, United Kingdom
University of Michigan, United States
Kyushu University, Japan
University of Southampton, United Kingdom
University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Unviersity of Padova, Italy
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Japan
James Madison University, United States
University of Tsukuba, Japan
Tohoku University, Japan
Geological Survey of Japan, Japan
Hokkaido University, Japan
Volume Title: Nature (London)
Source: Nature (London), 442(7103), p.671-675. Publisher: Macmillan Journals, London, United Kingdom. ISSN: 0028-0836 CODEN: NATUAS
Note: In English. 31 refs.; illus.
Summary: To assess changes in the hydrological system in the Palaeocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) - extreme global warming ∼ 55 Ma ago, the stable hydrogen isotope (δD) values of n-C29, n-C27 and n-C17 in sediments recovered from the Lomonosov Ridge, central Arctic Ocean were measured (Integrated ODP 302). Source-water hydrogen is a primary signal recorded by n-alkyl lipids. The results implicate different water sources for high- and low-MW n-alkanes, with δD values of n-C17 recording the δD of Arctic surface waters, and δD values of n-C27 and n-C29 reflecting the hydrogen isotopic composition of precipitation in the Arctic region. The results indicate decreased rainout during moisture transport from the lower latitudes, and increased moisture delivery to the Arctic at the start of the PETM. The larger terrestrial plant C isotope excursion than that of marine carbonates and the associated C input are, it is suggested greater than first estimated. Greater C release and strong hydrological cycle feedbacks may explain the maintenance of the PETM.
Year of Publication: 2006
Research Program: IODP Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 02 Geochemistry; 12 Stratigraphy, Historical Geology and Paleoecology; Aliphatic hydrocarbons; Alkanes; Arctic Coring EXpedition; Arctic Ocean; Arctic region; Biomarkers; C-13/C-12; Carbon; Carbonate compensation depth; Cenozoic; D/H; Expedition 302; Global change; Global warming; Hydrocarbons; Hydrogen; Integrated Ocean Drilling Program; Isotope ratios; Isotopes; Lomonosov Ridge; Marine environment; N-alkanes; O-18/O-16; Organic compounds; Oxygen; Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum; Paleoclimatology; Paleoenvironment; Paleogene; Paleohydrology; Salinity; Sea-surface temperature; Stable isotopes; Tertiary; Total organic carbon
Coordinates: N875100 N875600 E1393300 E1361000
Record ID: 2010043555
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