Calcareous nannofossils from the Paleogene Equatorial Pacific (IODP Expedition 320 Sites U1331-1334)

Author(s): Bown, Paul R.; Jones, Tom Dunkley
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
University College London, Department of Earth Sciences, London, United Kingdom
University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Volume Title: Journal of Nannoplankton Research
Source: Journal of Nannoplankton Research, 32(2), p.3-51. Publisher: International Nannoplankton Association, The Hague, International. ISSN: 1210-8049
Note: In English. 41 refs.; illus., incl. strat. cols., 14 plates, 3 tables, sketch map
Summary: Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 320 cored six sites and 16 holes (Sites U1331-U1336) as part of the Pacific equatorial age transect, recovering a virtually complete composite section ranging from upper Pleistocene to lower Eocene. In general, the successions comprise abyssal biogenic sediments with nannofossil- and radiolarian-ooze end members. Stratigraphic highlights include recovery of richly nannofossiliferous Oligocene successions and complete Eocene/Oligocene and Oligocene/Miocene boundaries at four sites: U1331 through U1334 and U1332 through U1336, respectively. Here, we present a taxonomic overview of the Paleogene nannofossil assemblages from Sites U1331-1334, illustrating 163 taxa and including the description of 11 new species (Reticulofenestra moorei, Reticulofenestra westerholdii, Coccolithus scheri, Cruciplacolithus? klausii, Calcidiscus? edgariae, Calcidiscus? ka-mikurii, Helicosphaera robinsoniae, Pedinocyclus gibbsiae, Discoaster williamsii, Sphenolithus kempii, Sphenolithus richteri, Sphenolithus peartiae) and two new combinations (Calcidiscus? detectus, Coccolithus biparteoperculatus).
Year of Publication: 2012
Research Program: IODP Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 09 Paleontology, Paleobotany; 12 Stratigraphy, Historical Geology and Paleoecology; Algae; Assemblages; Biostratigraphy; Calcidiscus; Cenozoic; Coccolithophoraceae; Coccolithus; Cruciplacolithus klausii; Discoaster williamsii; East Pacific; Eocene; Equatorial Pacific; Expedition 320; Expeditions 320/321; Floral list; Helicosphaera robinsoniae; IODP Site U1331; IODP Site U1332; IODP Site U1333; IODP Site U1334; Integrated Ocean Drilling Program; Lithostratigraphy; Microfossils; Miocene; Morphology; Nannofossils; Neogene; New names; New taxa; North Pacific; Northeast Pacific; Oligocene; Pacific Ocean; Paleogene; Plantae; Preservation; Reticulofenestra; Sphenolithus; Stratigraphic boundary; Taxonomy; Tertiary
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N080000 N080000 W1315824 W1315824
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