Modal analysis of sand from the Nankai accretionary prism

Author(s): Comer, Emily
Source: 37p. Institution: University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, United States
Note: In English. Bachelor's thesis
Year of Publication: 2008
Research Program: IODP Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 07 Marine Geology and Oceanography; Accretionary wedges; Arenite; Arkose; Asia; Cenozoic; Clastic rocks; Clastic sediments; Expedition 316; Far East; Honshu; IODP Site C0004; IODP Site C0006; IODP Site C0007; IODP Site C0008; Integrated Ocean Drilling Program; Izu collision zone; Japan; Kii Peninsula; Litharenite; Marine transport; NanTroSEIZE; Nankai Trough; Neogene; North Pacific; Northwest Pacific; Pacific Ocean; Philippine Sea; Plate tectonics; Pleistocene; Pliocene; Provenance; Quaternary; Sand; Sediment transport; Sedimentary rocks; Sediments; Tertiary; Transport; West Pacific
Coordinates: N330100 N331400 E1364800 E1364300
Record ID: 2014024261
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