Living and fossil coccolithophore communities in the west Iberia margin and Gulf of Cadiz (IODP Expedition 339); oceanographic and environmental controls

Author(s): Balestra, Barbara; Flores, José A.; Grunert, Patrick; Hodell, David; Alvarez-Zarikian, Carlos; Hernández-Molina, Francisco J.; Stow, Dorrik A. V.
Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, Expedition 339 Scientists
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
University of California at Santa Cruz, Institute of Marine Science, Santa Cruz, CA, United States
University of Salamanca, Spain
University of Graz, Austria
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Texas A&M University, United States
Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom
Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom
Volume Title: INA14 abstracts
Volume Author(s): Self-Trail, Jean M., organizer; Bybell, Laurel M.
Source: Journal of Nannoplankton Research, 33( Special Issue), p.19; 14th International Nannoplankton Association meeting, Reston, VA, Sept. 15-21, 2013, Jean M. Self-Trail and Laurel M. Bybell. Publisher: International Nannoplankton Association, The Hague, International. ISSN: 1210-8049
Note: In English
Year of Publication: 2013
Research Program: IODP Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 24 Surficial Geology, Quaternary Geology; Algae; Assemblages; Atlantic Ocean; Cenozoic; Coccolithophoraceae; Communities; Continental margin; Europe; Expedition 339; Gulf of Cadiz; Holocene; IODP Site U1388; IODP Site U1390; IODP Site U1391; Iberian Peninsula; Integrated Ocean Drilling Program; Living taxa; Marine environment; Marine sediments; Microfossils; Modern analogs; North Atlantic; Paleo-oceanography; Paleoenvironment; Plantae; Quaternary; Sediments; Southern Europe
Coordinates: N372100 N373400 W0092500 W0100800
N361900 N361900 W0074300 W0074300
Record ID: 2015025739
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