The NE Atlantic conjugate margins

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doi: 10.1016/B978-0-444-56357-6.00004-4
Author(s): Tsikalas, Filippos; Faleide, Jan Inge; Eldholm, Olav; Blaich, Olav Antonio
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
Eni E & P, Strategic Exploration Studies, North Atlantic, San Donato Milanese, Italy
Rice University, Department of Earth Sciences, United States
University of Oslo, Department of Geosciences, Norway
University of Bergen, Department of Earth Science, Norway
Fugro Multi-Client Services, Norway
Volume Title: Regional geology and tectonics; Phanerozoic passive margins, cratonic basins and global tectonic maps; Volume 1C
Volume Author(s): Roberts, David G., editor; Bally, Albert W.
Source: Regional geology and tectonics; Phanerozoic passive margins, cratonic basins and global tectonic maps; Volume 1C, edited by David G. Roberts and Albert W. Bally, p.141-201. Publisher: Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands. ISBN: 978-0-444-56357-6
Note: In English. 202 refs.; illus., incl. 1 table, sects., chart, geol. sketch maps
Year of Publication: 2012
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 18 Geophysics, Solid-Earth; 20 Geophysics, Applied; Arctic Ocean; Arctic region; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic Ocean Islands; Barents Sea; Basalts; Basins; Boreholes; Cenozoic; Charlie-Gibbs fracture zone; Compression; Continental crust; Continental margin; Continental shelf; Continental slope; Cretaceous; Crust; Deep Sea Drilling Project; East Greenland; Europe; Faeroe Islands; Geophysical methods; Geophysical profiles; Geophysical surveys; Greenland; Hatton Bank; Hot spots; Igneous rocks; Inversion tectonics; Jan Mayen Ridge; Jurassic; Lithosphere; Magmatism; Magnetic anomalies; Mesozoic; North Atlantic; North Sea; Northeast Atlantic; Norway; Norwegian Sea; Ocean Drilling Program; Oceanic crust; Paleogene; Paleozoic; Passive margins; Plate tectonics; Rifting; Rockall Bank; Scandinavia; Sea-floor spreading; Seismic methods; Seismic profiles; Surveys; Svalbard; Tectonics; Tertiary; Triassic; Upper Paleozoic; Volcanic rocks; Voring Plateau; Western Europe
Record ID: 2016029438
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