Proceedings of the International Ocean Discovery Program; Atlantis Massif serpentinization and life; Expedition 357 of the mission-specific drilling platform from and to Southampton, United Kingdom; Sites M0068-M0076, 26 October-11 December 2015

Author(s): Früh-Green, Gretchen L.; Orcutt, Beth N.; Green, Sophie; Cotterill, Carol; Morgan, Sally; Akizawa, Norikatsu; Bayrakci, Gaye; Behrmann, Jan-Hinrich; Herrero-Bervera, Emilio; Boschi, Chiara; Brazelton, William; Cannat, Mathilde; Dunkel, Kristina G.; Escartin, Javier; Harris, Michelle; Hesse, Kirsten; John, Barbara; Lang, Susan Q.; Lilley, Marvin; Liu Haiquan; Mayhew, Lisa; McCaig, Andrew; Menez, Benedicte; Morono, Yuki; Quéméneur, Marianne; Ratnayake, Amila Sandaruwan; Rouméjon, Stéphane; Schrenk, Matthew; Schwarzenbach, Esther; Twing, Katrina; Weis, Dominique; Whattam, Scott Andrew; Williams, Morgan; Zhao, Rui
International Ocean Discovery Program, Expedition 357 Scientists, College Station, TX
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, Institute of Geochemistry and Petrology, Zurich, Switzerland
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, United States
British Geological Survey, United Kingdom
University of Leicester, United Kingdom
Kanazawa University, Japan
University of Southampton, United Kingdom
GEOMAR-Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany
University of Hawaii at Manoa, United States
CNR, Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources, Italy
University of Utah, United States
Université Paris Diderot, France
University of Oslo, Norway
Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France
Plymouth University, United Kingdom
Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
University of Wyoming, United States
University of South Carolina, United States
University of Washington, United States
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, China
University of Colorado at Boulder, United States
University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Japan
Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography, France
Shimane University, Japan
Michigan State University, United States
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
University of British Columbia, Canada
Korea University, South Korea
Australian National University, Australia
University of Bergen, Norway
Source: Proceedings of the International Ocean Discovery Program, Expedition Reports, Vol.357. Publisher: International Ocean Discovery Program, Washington, DC, United States. ISSN: 2377-3189 CODEN: IDSDA6
Note: In English. Individual papers are cited separately
Year of Publication: 2017
Research Program: IODP Integrated Ocean Drilling Program
IODP2 International Ocean Discovery Program
Key Words: 05 Petrology, Igneous and Metamorphic; 12 Stratigraphy, Historical Geology and Paleoecology; Atlantic Ocean; Atlantis Massif; Boreholes; Cores; Crust; Dunite; Expedition 357; Gabbros; Geochemistry; Geomicrobiology; Harzburgite; Hydrothermal alteration; IODP Site M0071; Igneous rocks; International Ocean Discovery Program; Major elements; Metagabbro; Metaigneous rocks; Metamorphic rocks; Metasomatism; Mid-Atlantic Ridge; Mineral assemblages; North Atlantic; Oceanic crust; Paleoenvironment; Paleomagnetism; Peridotites; Petrology; Physical properties; Plutonic rocks; Pore water; Sea water; Serpentinization; Trace elements; Ultramafics; Veins; Well logs; X-ray diffraction data
Coordinates: N300742 N300743 W0420911 W0420913
Record ID: 2017020797
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