Stratigraphic potential of radiolarians for determining the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary; evidence from pelagic sequences in the Pacific and Tethys

Author(s): Matsuoka, A.
Author Affiliation(s): Primary:
Niigata University, Niigata, Japan
Volume Title: 10th international symposium on the Cretaceous; abstracts
Volume Author(s): Sames, Benjamin, editor
Source: Berichte der Geologischen Bundesanstalt, Vol.120, p.179; 10th international symposium on the Cretaceous, Vienna, Austria, Aug. 21-26, 2017, edited by Benjamin Sames. Publisher: Geologische Bundesanstalt, Vienna, Austria. ISSN: 1017-8880
Note: In English
Year of Publication: 2017
Research Program: DSDP Deep Sea Drilling Project
ODP Ocean Drilling Program
Key Words: 12 Stratigraphy, Historical Geology and Paleoecology; Berriasian; Biostratigraphy; Cretaceous; Deep Sea Drilling Project; Depositional environment; Index fossils; Invertebrates; Jurassic; Lower Cretaceous; Marine environment; Mesozoic; Microfossils; Ocean Drilling Program; Pacific Ocean; Phylogeny; Protists; Radiolaria; Stratigraphic boundary; Stratotypes; Upper Jurassic; West Pacific
Record ID: 2018042858
Copyright Information: GeoRef, Copyright 2019 American Geosciences Institute.

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